The wine cellar

The wine cellar

It is a blending of a thousand years of vineyards and wine culture in the Pannonhalma region the superb positi­oning of the hills of Nyúl and last but by no means least the local wine-growers’ proficiency and knowledge that all produce the famous crisp white wines and full bodied reds. A visitor to our wine cellar can sample our own personal wine and excellent wines of the region too. Our “artisanship” wines are produced in a traditional and natural way with fermentation in wine casks and have been awarded with prices in form of special awards, silver and gold tags by competitions in our region. Our visitors are invited on a wine-tasting tour where selected wines ranging from Tokaj to Villány from the best cellars in Hungary can be sampled to gain an insight into the wonderfully diverse flavours of the world famous Hungarian wines.

During the wine tour, the host will enlighten the guests about wine appreciation, the history of wine and how best to handle it. Our connections in the wine connoisseur world enable us to organize visits to wine cellars in all the wine growing areas, as well as wine tasting tours and help in procuring rare old wines.

Attention! Wine tasting is only held at a pre-agreed date. On Sunday there is no wine tasting!

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A Nyúlon túl: Szél Fiai Cellárium: Tibor apátok bora – kritika- Dibbuk - Gasztronómiáról - kíméletlenül
Kicsit sok is a jóból; ennyi humor alig fér el a palackon, „Tibor apátok bora”, Pannonhalmi Nyúl-York-i Priszling, ráadásul Nyúlról, a Szél Fiai Celláriumtól… Ez egy picit túlzás, és ha idevesszük a kézzel rajzolt palackdíszítést, meg a csavaros tetejt is; alapos okunk van gyanakodni. … - Cikk PDF-ben

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